Benefits of private music lesson
When learning music and playing an instrument, the student develops skills that are easily transferred to other activities: 
Music theory, literature, and history. 
Physical coordination, listening skills, and performance experience.
Language acquisition, analytical thinking, logic and math skills.
Appreciation of art, physics, culture, and history.
Develop mental and physical discipline, goal setting, time management skills, emotional control, spiritual developent, and a sense of accomplishment.
Learning and appplying these skills helps develop social bonds, and memorable experiences.
Piano Lessons treble clef
Piano Lessons in Peterborough
Structure of private music lesson with Dr. Tkaczevski
Every lesson will attempt to cover aspects of traditional musical education:
1. Scales and exercises. These may require concentration at first but the benefits will last a lifetime!  Good hand and body posture are paramount!
2. Musical analysis and theory.  Undestanding how a piece is put together helps to enjoy, learn, and memorize a piece.
3. With each piece we will talk about its style, historical context, and signigicance in the literature.
4. When interpreting a musical work, we express its emotional and spiritual impact through the sounds we make.

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Accepting students within 15 miles radius of Peterborough, NH