college classroom lecturer 

Dr. Tkaczevski has many years' experience teaching children and adults.  Learning music helps build character, discipline, sensitivity, and confidence. His teaching method includes technique, theory, and performance in classical and modern music.   

Dr. Tkaczevski is currently accepting new piano students in the Peterborough, NH area.

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Piano Teacher

Dr. Tkaczevski has taught at several colleges various music related subjects including: Theory, Analysis, History, Electronic Music, Performing ensembles, and general music appreciation classes.

He has lectured about his experience in the game industry at colleges and conferences.

Dr. Tkaczevski is currently available to lecture at: colleges, festivals, conferences, performances, camps within the US or internationally! 

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Teaching experience:

Private lessons at the Piano and Organ Center, Buffalo, NY

Stanford University, Santa Rosa Junior College, Gavilan College, Foothills College, in California.

private piano teacher (Peterborough NH area)