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List of works:

Album of Piano Music dedicated to my Students: Tin Pan Alley, Twinkles (the much-loved Teddy Bear, now in Rags), Blue Green Tango (piano solo), Sea Song, Rennaisance, Pleasant Meadow, (and more)

Blue Green Tango, for Trio (piano, viola, double bass)

Miniatures for Orchestra (in progress)

Concerto No. 1 for Piano and Orchestra (revision in progress)

Cherubic Hymn, for a capella mixed choir, Slavonic text (English version in progress)

Two for Two Two, flue duets

Three for Two One, flute duets (audio file)

Diversion, string quartet

Imitation American Process Isorithmic Motet, brass quintet

Suite for Piano, piano solo, (excerpt)

Scenes from a Thousand Years, large chorus, piano and percussion

Ryoan-ji, for orchestra

(list incomplete)