Dr. Tkaczevski is qualified to teach the following subjects:
Music Theory (traditional and atonal)
Ear training and musicianship
Music Analysis
Counterpoint (16th and 18th c)
Compositional techniques
Orchestration and arranging
Synthesis and psychoacoustics
Electronic and computer music (theory, practice, history, and software)
Interactive music and sound design in the game industry, (principles, techniques and software tools)
Piano performance (technique and literature)


College Music Society, Mid-Atlantic Conference
April 1, 2000, DE
"Audio Production for Interactive Media: Tools, Techniques and Growing Career Options"

International Community for Auditory Display (ICAD)
November 5, 1996 at XEROX PARC
"Auditory Interface Problems and Solutions for Commercial Multimedia Products"


Summary:  Discussed how sound can define material properties to on-screen visual interface elements.
Showed examples from games.

Amherst Symphony Orchestra, 2008-13 seasons, Amherst, NY
     Viola section
Amherst Chamber Ensembles, 2008-09 season, Amherst, NY
    Piano accompanist
Benefit Recital 2001, Rochester, NY
     Solo Piano
College Music Society Mid-Atlantic Conference, April 2000, DE
Tkaczevski, Two for Two - Series II (for two flutes)

Other Appearances and Publications
Keyboard Magazine, June 1992, translation credit in article by Olivia Mattis and Robert Moog about Leon Theremin 

A Theremin Odyssey, 1993, by Steven Martin, documentary about Leon Theremin, appeared on screen as translator
Fame, MGM motion picture, 1979, appeared in Audition sequence playing own composition on the piano, uncredited


Joy of All Who Sorrow Cathedral Choir, San Francisco, CA
"200 Years of Orthodoxy in America"
Recorded, edited, and mastered full-length CD Album

Sts. Cyrill and Methodious Children's Choir, San Francisco, CA
"Chants of the Russian Orthodox Church"
Recorded, edited, and mastered full-length CD Album