Musical and Professional Milestones:

* Studied piano with Elena Wolkonsky at the Manhattan School of Music pre-college division.  Composition lessons with Tom Manoff and Edward Bilous.  Highlight: performed my composition on screen in "Fame" MGM motion picture's audition sequence.
* Hartt School of Music at the University of Hartford.  Studied composition with Tom Putsche, Ed Diemente, and James Sellars.  Studied piano with Margreet Pfeifer Francis.  Highlight: Winner of the Hartford Symphony Orchestra composer's comtetition with "Ryoan-ji".
* Stanford University CCRMA computer music and composition with John Chowning, Leland Smith, and Ross Bauer. Highlight: Hosted and translated when Leon Theremin, inventor of the first music synthesizer (1920's), came to the University.  See film: "Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey"
* Broderbund Software.  Composed music, created sound effects, and recorded speech for education software games such as Reading Galaxy, Zoombinis, and Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego.  Highlight: Recording  Lynne Thigpen's voice for chief.
* Fujitsu Interactive. Short-lived company experimenting with artificial-pets technology. Did all the sound design work.  Highlight: Traveling to Japan to work with engineers and creative artists.
* Fisher Price. Recorded voice over and wrote music for over 200 toys and software titles.  Highlight: Traveled to Europe to coordinate localization effort with teams in each country.
* Piano and Organ Center. Managed store and taught private piano lessons. Worked with local musicians and teachers to provide products and services. Highlight: NFMC Junior Festival Chair, ran successful event in which over 200 children performed annually.
* SoundWeaver: freelance studio. Sound design, voice editing, music composition and arranging for clients around the globe.  Highlight: Many excellent projects and performances still to come!

Short biography (under construction)

My biography makes little sense, unless I start it with my great-grandparents' story.  Their lives and the historic moments they lived through affected my upbringing and creative foundations. Art, music, poetry, history, language, religion, and politics, were all wrapped up into one holistic experience. It's easy to box them into separate narratives.  In the end,  it all comes together into just living.
I was born in Argentina, to parents who emigrated from Europe there after World War II. When politics and economics were not looking favorable there, my family moved to New York City and started life all over again.  I started my musical lessons, and I never looked back. My studies at Stanford opened up unprecedented opportunities: music and audio production for computer games and toys. Now I continue in that capacity, working on projects as a freelancer, and focusing on my composition and performance career.
All my ancestors were all very successful and ambitions people, always setting their goals further than they cound imagine. Mikhail Tkachenko ran a mill and a farm in Zaparozhie, and was very well to-do, emplyed many people, and was himself a Bogatyr. During the Russian Revolution a gang attacked his home and he protected his family with his life. Alexander Sirks was a Imperial Navy Officer, specializing in Dirigibles.  He escaped the Russian revolution with many white army officers to Yugoslavia.